Sales at RK Subaru

At RK Subaru, we will provide you with the tools and means to become a successful sales agent. Our sales team is the forefront of our storefront, the groom to our showroom! Subaru vehicles are one of the smartest and safest vehicles on the market, according to Consumer Reports. You're not just selling a vehicle; you're giving someone a piece of their life puzzle: a mode of transportation. Beyond everyday use, Subaru has its line of sporty vehicles like the WRX and the BRZ, at a competitive price for comfort and fun at an affordable rate.

Qualities We Look For

Pleasant and Positive Personality - There's nothing better than a cheery spirit and a friendly smile to assist with the process of sale.


Well-groomed Appearance - A sales consultant that looks professional often is more likely to be trusted.


Responsible & Accountable - Having the ability to follow through with tasks properly and in a timely fashion.


Clean Driving Record - A flawless driving record helps assure us that you're a good fit for the car business.


Enthusiastic and Hard-Working - Putting effort into your sales position will guarantee results, especially when you're passionate about it.


Excellent Communication Skills - Whether you're greeting your customer face-to-face with a smile, over the phone with a pleasant voice, or by email with carefully written words, excellent communication skills are a must.


Team Player - TEAM: "Together, Everyone Achieves More" - we stand by this philosophy through and through. Likewise, we believe in "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work"


Results-Oriented - Our sales team being the forefront of our storefront must be goal-oriented and results-oriented.


Personable - When it comes to sales, being friendly is good, but being personable is your key to a sold deal. Our customers like more than a smile; they like a smile with a meaning and a purpose.


For more information on how to apply to join our team, stop on by, or send an email to our sales manager, Greg Reynolds.